a musical tour of 16th and 17th century European courts 

In past centuries, in the vibrant times of the Renaissance and Baroque eras music was an important and vital element of courtly life. Music accompanied the rulers and their courtiers during feasts, careless merrymaking, guiding them through joys and sorrows. The ability to play musical instruments, sing and dance was part of general education for the social elites and nobility and every king and prince kept musicians on hire. We unlock the gates to the past with music as our key, wanderign from Poland to Italy, France, Spain and England.


A tale of words and music, renaissance and early baroque – Jakub Polak, John Dowland, Claudio Monteverdi and many others.


4-8 players, including a singer, instrumentalists and optional dancers. On special request we can perform in historical dress.


1 hr 15 min – 1 hr 30 min