the music of the Polish Republic of the 15th through 17th century

Two centuries of the musical history of the royal city which was said to be like… the lute. Are we reminded of this extraordinary, beautiful instrument only because of the architectonical shape of Krakow as seen from a bird’s eye perspective? Or is this yet another mystery to be solved?

Come on a journey through the Capital City and the Kingdom itself – the Commonwealth of Two Nations (Poland – Lithuania), or rather, a Republic of Many Nations.

Discover the multicultural legacy and musical heritage of multicultural Krakow and the Commonwealth of Two Nations of the 15th through 17th century. Hear the tale of the many nations which made up the Kingdom in those days – Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, Germans and Jews, experience their cultures and religions (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Jewish)

Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, German, Jewish songs and dances from the epoch; pieces from selected Kancjonały (Songbooks), including those by Piotr Artemiusz and Szymon Krofey, the Vilnius Catechism (Katechizm Wileński) and other collections.

4 to 10, including singer(s), instrumentalists and optional dancers (1 or 2 couples); the concert may be performed in historical costumes.

1 hr 15 min- 1 hr 30 min