a day in the life of the court

The magnificent Royal Court of the Jagiellonian Dynasty of Polish kings shone among all of 16th century Europe with a glorious light of wisdom and art. At the time, all sorts of artists and creative minds of the time were drawn to the seat of the Jagiellonians on the Wawel hill, arriving from all over Europe. Legend has it that the famous Sigismund bell owes its noble sound to a string dropped in by the the Hungarian lute master – Valentinus Bakfark.

The Royal Court of the Jagiellonians is a concert with spoken interludes (often in English as well as Polish), a concert that tells a story of one hypothetical, but possible real day in the life of the court during the reign of the last two kings of the dynasty. This literary and musical tale is centred around the following themes:
Morning prayer, Dancing Lesson, Confessions of Love, Great Events, Royal Ball, Pensive Evening Join us for the sounding rhythm of dance steps, renaissance songs and dances, music for solo lute, sung and spoken poetry, moving prayers, the resonant sounds of a great celebration from the Royal Cathedral at Wawel and a glimpse at the art of the 16th century – the Polish Golden Age.

The greatest masters of the Polish renaissance and foreign composers resident at or passing through the Jagiellonian court. Among them you will hear Wacław of Szamotuły, music from the tablature of Jan of Lublin, Valentin Bakfark, Jakub Polak, Giovanni G. Gastoldi, Cyprian Bazylik, Mikołaj Gomółka.

4 to 10 performers, including singer(s), instrumentalists, optional dancers (1 or 2 couples); this concert may be performed in historical costumes.

1 hr 15 min – 1 hr 30 min